End of Course Testing Registration is now open for the New Philadelphia Office.

- See Available Testing Times

Students that missed their scheduled testing time must call the QDA office to schedule a makeup time.

How to Register

1) Select an available testing location above.
2) Click on an event for the date and time you would like to test.
3) Press the Join button (Please note, if the join button is not available then all testing seats are filled).
4) Enter your name (first and last name please!) and an email address.
5) Press submit. Wait until you get to the confirmation page to ensure the submission went through.
6) Repeat for each test you need to take. For example, if you have to take three end of course assessments you will need to register for three testing sessions.

Video Tutorial:

If you have questions, please contact G. Randall Gibbs, Director of Testing: 330-365-5590