Only students located near the New Philadelphia office will use the online registration website. All other students will be contacted by mail with their testing information. Please contact the QDA Testing Department if you have any questions. 

For students located near the New Philadelphia office, please follow the directions below to register.

Step 1: Select an office through the top menu or the shortcut link on the right side of the page:

Step 1 - QDA Online Registration
Step 2: Choose an available testing session from the calendar by clicking on the event title:

Step 2 - QDA Online Registration
Step 3: Press the Join button to access the registration page. Please note, if Join button is missing; all registration slots have been filled.

Step 3 - QDA Online Registration
Step 4 - Fill out the fields and press submit. PLEASE enter your first and last name.

Step 4 - QDA Online Registration

You will be taken to a confirmation page once the submissions has went through. Please go through these steps for each test you need to register for.